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Rock2243Trapang Prasat photos - June 2001
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Rock2243Anlong Veng, Trapang Prasat & Preah Vihear- March 2009

Rock2243For more detail on Cambodian history, start with Beauty & Darkness

Cambodia map

So,why Cambodia? Because we want to help. It's as simple as that.End 1999, the Yates family started supporting the "Reconciliation Area" project in the far north of Cambodia - a difficult to access area, which only in 1998 got out after decades under the Khmer Rouge.

The program has been going ever since.... and, led by superb work from Save the Children (Norway) helped generate major financial support from the Japanese Government across all of Siem Reap and Preah Vihear Provinces.

The 1999 / 2000 dry season was the first time these children got any real schooling, yet 45-70% of the children still did not attend school of any kind, even for one year.

The project provides primary schooling, buildings, teacher training using sustainable techniques, and library resources for thousands of primary schoolchildren. One of the four districts initially involved was Anlong Veng, 120 kms north of Siem Reap (Angkor Wat), and near the Dangrek mountain range on the Thai border. A focus area remains Trapang Prasat, 34 kms east of Anlong Veng and quite near the Preah Vihear Temple complex.

We extended to Angkor Chum, closer to Siem Reap but even more cut off in infrastructure (bad roads) and educational terms. This is part of the Varin district where work is also proceeding.

The Save the Children (Norway) Cambodian office and the Provincial Education Office are the agencies doing the really hard work.

We are documenting the work, to help gain support for Cambodian children and their families, so please come back often!

Check out our big Cambodian (80+) links list. See if there are other ways you can help.

In 2004 we registered a Charity called the Angkor Foundation, focused on Education in Cambodia, to extend the work and which is now gratefully accepting donations. UK registration number 1101334. Please mail us if you would like more information and would like to help.

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