Cambodia Project Notes

  • Week Seven Reflections – Peer Challenge There were two main activities this week. First, I was challenged by Danny North to talk to 4 strangers, get some of their ‘story’, and then take their portrait. I found the ‘talking’ part fairly easy to do, probably because I usually talk to people when I am wandering around taking street photos. What was more of ... ”Read
  • Week Six Reflections – Draft Oral Presentation This week, some very simple reflections, as the focus was on getting a draft Oral Presentation done. To say it was a scramble was an understatement. I had managed to do a rough voice track, sitting on the hotel balcony in Phnom Penh, the day before I left. I shared it with Ingrid and Vicky, who ... ”Read
  • Oral Presentation – Draft  April 17th, 1975, after years of war, the Khmer Rouge entered Phnom Penh. Within twenty four hours they emptied the city of around 2 million people, and declared Year Zero – back to a totally agrarian, socialist society. In the next 3 years, somewhere between 1-7 and 2 million people died, mainly from starvation and disease. ... ”Read
  • Week Five Reflections – Phnom Penh visit This week most of the reflection must be about Cambodia, scoping for my project. I arrived on Thursday 1st, and leaving today, the 6th. A truly flying visit. Still, I had a pretty good plan prepped, and with a couple of minor exceptions, ‘did the plan’. What I didn’t cover will be fine on the next ... ”Read
  • Week Four Reflections – Collaboration It was huge fun to collaborate with Corin Rossouw, Howard Pratt and Rob Jones, on a short multimedia project, ‘The Journey‘. The project forced me to think again about the familiar – something very important to my documentary work. And it also forced me to consider what I could properly add of value, especially as I ... ”Read
  • Constructs and Seeing In talking with Steph Cosgrove about my documentary work at the recent Falmouth ‘Face 2 Face’, she was good enough to share some videos about the image as a construct. I am not going to repeat the whole thing here, but a couple of quotes stood out as I was thinking how this refers to my documentary ... ”Read
  • Week Three Reflections What a great week, spilling over into week four, and dominated by the Falmouth Face to Face. I’ll try to break my (over loaded) thoughts into buckets. First, it was just brilliant to meet people face to face. Spending time with my peers, both seriously talking photography and less seriously having a plain old fashioned good time. ... ”Read
  • The Camera as Judge and Executioner As I develop the Cambodia Project for my MA, the need to research is clear. Archiving the Unspeakable, by Michelle Caswell, is a fascinating read. It deals with the role of photographic archives in the activities of the Khmer Rouge at the infamous Tuol Sleng prison, now the Genocide Museum, in Phnom Penh. Every visitor ... ”Read
  • Week Two Reflections Four overall thoughts: It’s all totally fascinating I am reading and writing too much, and need to get out and shoot more Really enjoying the interaction with my student peers and the faculty. And in the latter case, nice to be on the ‘other side of the desk’. It is a challenge, but I think I can see a ... ”Read
  • Qs week 2 – 1st presentation – “Multiple media and Interdisciplinary practices” Q: What does the moving image tell you about the still photographic image? The presentation did a great job in illustrating the similarities and differences of the two media. Beyond the presentation, I was also struck by David Campany‘s ‘Safety in Numbness’.  The conversation around the evolution of photography to become a ‘post’ activity was eye opening. By ... ”Read
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