Book Dummy

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I am having to jump ahead this week, as I am pretty much full tilt with work and travel from Tuesday.

I created a ‘book dummy’. It has ‘old’ images from March, as I won’t be shooting in Cambodia until next week. However, it combines some elements that I really think might work.

I have transferred the ‘traces’ into digital negatives, and then printed them on semi-transparent tracing paper.

This is then matched with ‘normal’ images.

At this point, these are a blend of images from Sarath’s story, and the history of the genocide. I need to decide on the focus – though right now it is all about testing ideas.

I turned the pages, Ingrid shot the movie, and I cleaned it up a little in Adobe Premiere.

Images So Far

mickyates Cambodia, Coursework, Critical Research Journal, Ideas, Photography, Project Development, SSWeek7, SurfacesStrategies Leave a Comment

A selection of images for the project so far.

First, a small selection from my last visit to Cambodia.

Second, experimental work on developing ways to show the aftermath / takes of Genocide, and engage the audience.

This is where the idea of ‘negatives’ sprang from, which I am considering for ‘Landings’ and as an integral part of the Book Dummy, due this week. I have created digital negatives, and also printed them onto semi-transparent tracing paper – envisioning them not necessarily as stand-alone images (mindful of the challenges of ‘dark tourism’ …) but possibly as interleaves.

And, third, a selection of scans of archive, 35mm slide materials, dating back to 1994.

I will be taking some of these to Cambodia next week for re-photography.

So, how can these be used?

I am intrigued by a publication which intertwines the images of Sarath’s Stories, and the negatives of traces. In fact, I already created a book dummy to show the effect. At this point, the images are from P&P, as I will be shooting again in Cambodia in a few days.

In particular, I want to look at how to capture Sarath’s stories, the first of which is posted here. Warning, it is a slightly gruesome read. Cemre and Lukas believe this is ‘made for video‘, and I will be working on that. But I also think I coulddevelop a series of ‘indicational’ images, rather than ‘indexical’ ones. More on that anon.

I can also see the traces material being used as postcards, given to visitors. I have an opportunity to do this at the PhotoBath exhibition in September, which includes some of my work.

And, as noted, I am going to be doing some re-photography, in Cambodia. I can see some form of publication (probably video) combining old and new images, found photographs and memorabilia from the Country.

It’s going to be a busy time in Cambodia!