Positions & Practice

  • Week Ten Reflections Well, back at it with a vengeance. This week has mainly been about getting the P&P Proposal started, although more detail on how to do this only appears in week 11. Feedback to the tutors, methinks, about timing and spoon feeding. In any case, my biggest reflections this week are twofold. First, how much I appreciate the ... ”Read
  • Communicating my Photographic Practice My best pictures tell an unfinished story, with a sense of place or personality – evoking questions of who, what, where, when. As Hiroji Kubota said, “I think everybody has a great drama to talk about. Everybody”. My photography is about trying to find this story, to illustrate that drama. Or more correctly, it’s about conveying a ... ”Read
  • Theory in Practice – Wassily Kandinsky The first purely abstract painting is generally recognised as Wassily Kandinsky‘s ‘Untitled – First abstraction‘ of 1910. This is in the header above. Kandinsky had been edging towards that style of painting, with his dreamlike fairy tales using ‘flat’ colour fields. This painting started an artistic revolution. But what is also very interesting is the way that ... ”Read
  • Week Nine Reflections Very interesting discussion on my self-critique and my recent work in today’s webinar. Thank you Gary, Danny, Ashley, Emma & Howard. Not going to go into great detail, but I took out these points, in no particular order. The Idea of creating a ‘mick yates voice’ is reasonable, but is it in fact counter to the (even ... ”Read
  • Giving constructive, critical feedback A couple of thoughts on the use of Critical Theory in photography. Firstly, intrinsic to any process of critique is the practice of feedback. That may be verbal or written or even visual. I have had to give literally hundreds of personal performance reviews, in business and academia, to varying levels of detail. Sometimes it is face ... ”Read
  • My Practice – A Critical View As I noted in my Oral Presentation, I have worked with many different genres of photography – travel, street, events and documentary. If there is any kind of theme which cuts across this work, in the best of my images it is about capturing some kind of story about the people encountered. I had no formal ... ”Read
  • It versus About in Critical Theory So, what have we here? A nicely constructed, painterly, abstracted image, technically well executed. In certain contexts, it could be seen fine art photography, perhaps? In Barthian terms, though, at first glance it is hard to see Punctum. On the other hand, it is a image in a series of traces of conflict, by Sophie Ristelhueber (Babylon, 2016). In a ... ”Read
  • Week Eight Reflections Now, where to start. With the positives! I got some great ideas on presenting my work this week, mainly from Danny, who, with his own work, demonstrated beautifully how to use the story telling capabilities in exposure.com. So here’s my first – Sarath’s Story. This, after I had spent quite some time working a mini-site for the ... ”Read
  • Week Seven Reflections – Peer Challenge There were two main activities this week. First, I was challenged by Danny North to talk to 4 strangers, get some of their ‘story’, and then take their portrait. I found the ‘talking’ part fairly easy to do, probably because I usually talk to people when I am wandering around taking street photos. What was more of ... ”Read
  • Peer Challenge Danny North challenged me to find a local cafe, sit down and make conversation with anyone who sits nearby. Talk to them for at least 15 minutes, get their story, and then take their picture. At least 4. Well, I was in Martinique, and whilst my French is passable, it’s not great. The business agenda meant ... ”Read