Positions & Practice

  • Appropriation Top: Susan Meiselas (1979) The Molotov Man; Bottom: Joy Garnett (2003) Molotov from the series Riot The brief: Joy Garnett is known for her paintings inspired by accessible digital images. Following an exhibition of her work in 2004, Garnett received a cease and desist letter citing infringement of copyright, from a lawyer representing Susan Meiselas. After ... ”Read
  • S&S Week One Reflections I consider my photography is about storytelling (when I get things right, that is). And I call this ‘Unfinished Stories‘, because the best that any photograph can do is to show a fragment of what is going on, freezing moments. The context of that moment help the understanding of the image. Bt there is always ... ”Read
  • Owen Smith I occasionally shoot events for local groups, often political. This weekend, Owen Smith, the Welsh MP, was talking to Bath for Europe on ‘Can We Stop Brexit?’ Fun shoot, though reasonably easy to execute. He’s an animated speaker, and the light at Widecombe Social Club was very good. I enjoy environmental work, though this turned out to be ... ”Read
  • Ghosts, Traces & Stories I am looking for ways to tell today’s story whilst also bringing yesterday’s in front of the viewer. Anyone who has visited a Genocide Museum, anywhere in the world, will find comments in the Visitor’s Book to the effect that ‘this must not be forgotten’. Whatever reason we visit, paying our respects and acting in witness ... ”Read
  • It’s Not All About Genocide It has always been my intent to go back and re-imagine the journey that we took with Sarath, though I have, to now, seen that very much about telling ‘his side of the story’. That is still valid, though Cemre raised the equally valid point that, as a photographer, it needs to be shown through my ... ”Read
  • Where Are You At? This week’s webinar, with Cemre, is a conversation about ‘where are we at?” with our practice over the break. Well, Ingrid and I moved home over the break period. We had the movers in a couple days after the end of the Positions and Practice module, and managed to get everything unwrapped (and largely in place) ... ”Read
  • The Work for Surfaces & Strategies Very helpful webinar with Gary today. As background, one of my ‘issues’ is the limited time I can be in Cambodia, and how I will develop my practice throughout the course. I have already decided to: Connect with the UK-based Cambodian community, to see what opportunities there are to ‘tell the story’. It was a nice start ... ”Read
  • A Place Over Time In the first week of Surfaces & Strategies, we were asked to consider a ‘Place over Time’, with these steps: Choose a previously made image that relates to your project / subject of interest. You might wish to select a few images as alternatives. Revisit your chosen image. Feel free to approach this in your own way ... ”Read
  • Redesigned my website I spent some time this past weekend reflecting back on the feedback from my WIP, and doing some research on web design. I have historically used a dark grey style, but I realise that may contribute to a rather ‘old’ look’. I had built this journal in a light, slightly off-white aesthetic. So I decided it ... ”Read
  • 26 Vinyl Records Ed Ruscha (1937 – ) created Twenty-Six Gasoline Stations in 1963, a small, self published book. Ruscha set in motion a new way to think about photography books, and photography as art. From Wikipedia: ‘From the first service station, ‘Bob’s Service’ in Los Angeles where Ruscha lived, the book follows a journey back to Oklahoma City where he had grown ... ”Read