Positions & Practice

  • The Filters of Citizen Journalism It would seem to me that there are many themes flowing through this week’s work on Rethinking Photographers. I’ll pick four: First, the impact of technology on photography. I include in this not just digital cameras, mobile phones and the like – but social media, the Internet, cheap travel and so forth. In this I agree with ... ”Read
  • Qs week 3 – “Rethinking Photographers” Presentation 1: Photographers on Film Q: How else do popular representations of photographers contribute to perceived social and cultural values of the profession? Read my post on non-photographer’s views of Professionals. Q: Do you have a favourite or least favourite movie about a photographer? ‘Blow Up’, though I haven’t seen it for years. Q: What do you think this film says ... ”Read
  • Non-Photographers and Professionals Whilst I would agree that in principle all photographers as just that – photographers, there are clearly subsets of photographers. Some earn a living by photography (and then of course via many different kinds of practice); some are learning to earn a living – and some just enjoy taking photographs to varying degrees of seriousness. This week’s reading suggests that we ... ”Read
  • Week Two Reflections Four overall thoughts: It’s all totally fascinating I am reading and writing too much, and need to get out and shoot more Really enjoying the interaction with my student peers and the faculty. And in the latter case, nice to be on the ‘other side of the desk’. It is a challenge, but I think I can see a ... ”Read
  • Four Images – Contexts & Disciplines For this week’s webinar with Gary, we have been asked to consider the disciplines other than photography, and the critical contexts which are relevant to our practice. Here are my choices: Header image: Family in Trapeang Prasat (2000) Disciplines: research, history, social development Ta Mok’s Dead Lake (2000) Disciplines: research, history Lost, Mangochi District Hospital (2002) Disciplines: ethics, research, social development Tokyo ... ”Read
  • Qs week 2 – 3rd presentation – “Fields of Cultural Interest” Q: Which of the disciplines discussed here do you feel is most relevant to Sam Shere’s famous photograph? In the ‘fields of cultural interest’ (Roland Barthes), many apply to Shere’s image. It was an embarrassment to the pride of Nazi Germany (politics). It was a significant moment in the history of air travel (history). It impacted air ... ”Read
  • Qs week 2 – 2nd presentation – “Photography and Art of Science” Q: How do you think that the relationship between photography, science and technology has affected how we attribute ideas around knowledge and truth to the photographic image? Science, technology and photography are inextricably linked. Chemistry and the fixing of light led to photography’s invention, with competing methodologies. Interestingly, even as a scientific instrument (allowing us to see ... ”Read
  • Photography and … Coursework this week is to consider what discipline I feel photography of any kind has a particularly interesting or relevant relationship to. I would like to look at photography’s relationship to scientific and engineering research, and perhaps even more importantly, to education in general, through the work of Felice Frankel. When I first met Felice, almost 20 years ... ”Read
  • Qs week 2 – 1st presentation – “Multiple media and Interdisciplinary practices” Q: What does the moving image tell you about the still photographic image? The presentation did a great job in illustrating the similarities and differences of the two media. Beyond the presentation, I was also struck by David Campany‘s ‘Safety in Numbness’.  The conversation around the evolution of photography to become a ‘post’ activity was eye opening. By ... ”Read
  • Other than … Year Zero In April 1994, Ingrid and I first visited Cambodia, with our three youngest children. Michala was 6, Victoria was 4, and Dan was just over 1  year old. At that time, we lived in Japan, and had flown into Phnom Penh from Hanoi. We were just tourists, enjoying discovering new places with the kids. From Phnom ... ”Read