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  • Joseph Wright of Derby Several of my fellow students have noted painters such as Caravaggio and Rembrandt as inspirations, with their mastery of both light and compositions, delivering works of great beauty and power. Since I was a kid, growing up near Derby, I was always fascinated by Joseph Wright of Derby, wondering ‘how did he paint that’. I don’t think ... ”Read
  • Qs week 2 – 1st presentation – “Multiple media and Interdisciplinary practices” Q: What does the moving image tell you about the still photographic image? The presentation did a great job in illustrating the similarities and differences of the two media. Beyond the presentation, I was also struck by David Campany‘s ‘Safety in Numbness’.  The conversation around the evolution of photography to become a ‘post’ activity was eye opening. By ... ”Read
  • Morning email Having my (essential) morning coffee, and opened my email. In the old days, it was a rather painstaking process of having passports and documents checked on entry, with multiple officials, and whilst it has been streamlined, this is my first use of this system. Excited about going back, hopefully with different eyes. ”Read
  • Other than … Year Zero In April 1994, Ingrid and I first visited Cambodia, with our three youngest children. Michala was 6, Victoria was 4, and Dan was just over 1  year old. At that time, we lived in Japan, and had flown into Phnom Penh from Hanoi. We were just tourists, enjoying discovering new places with the kids. From Phnom ... ”Read
  • A Poet not a Logician I am a rather ‘logical’ person. My BA is in Mathematics and Philosophy. I have an MSc in Consulting and Coaching for Change from HEC. I have spent over 40 years in business, most of it at General Manager or Board level, where logic prevails. Within that career, I spent 10 years in the realm ... ”Read
  • Possible Cambodia documentary project We first visited Cambodia in 1994, with our three youngest children, Michala, Vicky & Dan. Dan was 18 months old at the time. And we fell in love with the country and, more importantly, the people. In 1999, Ingrid travelled to Phnom Penh to meet with Save the Children (Norway), to discuss setting up a primary ... ”Read
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