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  • Ghosts, Traces & Stories I am looking for ways to tell today’s story whilst also bringing yesterday’s in front of the viewer. Anyone who has visited a Genocide Museum, anywhere in the world, will find comments in the Visitor’s Book to the effect that ‘this must not be forgotten’. Whatever reason we visit, paying our respects and acting in witness ... ”Read
  • It’s Not All About Genocide It has always been my intent to go back and re-imagine the journey that we took with Sarath, though I have, to now, seen that very much about telling ‘his side of the story’. That is still valid, though Cemre raised the equally valid point that, as a photographer, it needs to be shown through my ... ”Read
  • The Work for Surfaces & Strategies Very helpful webinar with Gary today. As background, one of my ‘issues’ is the limited time I can be in Cambodia, and how I will develop my practice throughout the course. I have already decided to: Connect with the UK-based Cambodian community, to see what opportunities there are to ‘tell the story’. It was a nice start ... ”Read
  • Week Twelve Reflections – Where To, Now? Well, the grades are in for the Project Proposal and the Work in Progress portfolio. I think it’s fair to say that I have mixed feelings. Happy, relieved and perplexed. On the one hand, I am extremely pleased with the grades for the Oral Presentation and the Project Proposal – both just at distinction level which ... ”Read
  • Positions and Practice Work in Progress Just submitted …  ”Read
  • Week Eleven Reflections I think this week I had a creative breakthrough. As noted before, I am interested in ‘traces’, aftermath photography. Sophie Ristelhueber‘s work comes to mind. And I am also intrigued by the way that Wolfgang Tillmans uses an eclectic mix of images, shapes and surfaces to tell the story he wants to tell. The Cambodian project has ... ”Read
  • Traces I am considering ways to use post-processing in the representation of traces, as part of the Cambodia project. The intent is to heighten emotional engagement with the image, whilst staying true to the project’s documentary intent. I am perhaps also influenced by my re-discovery of the impact of Kandinsky on my painting. The header is a ... ”Read
  • Week Nine Reflections Very interesting discussion on my self-critique and my recent work in today’s webinar. Thank you Gary, Danny, Ashley, Emma & Howard. Not going to go into great detail, but I took out these points, in no particular order. The Idea of creating a ‘mick yates voice’ is reasonable, but is it in fact counter to the (even ... ”Read
  • Oral Presentation – Final  YouTube Original April 17th, 1975, after years of war, the Khmer Rouge entered Phnom Penh. Within twenty-four hours they emptied the city of 2 million people, and declared Year Zero – back to a totally agrarian, socialist society. In the next 3 years, somewhere between 1.7 and 2 million people died, mainly from starvation and disease. But many were ... ”Read
  • Exposure – Photo Stories Many thanks to Danny North for pointing out Experimenting with how to better tell stories for the Cambodian project. Created with Exposure ”Read