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Now that I have completed selection of images for the Work in Progress portfolio, and finished Landings, it seemed right to update the book dummy.

I still very much am intrigued by the idea of mixing imagery, and using semi-transparent black and white traces images interleaved with the more poetic photographs from the ‘I missed my Mother‘ series.

Some of the images bear a closer link to each other, in the move from black and white to colour, than others. So, I plan to persevere to see how far i can push this idea.

I will also make enquires on methods of manufacture, as well as seek out the work of other photographers who might have actually created something similar, with a mixed media approach.

I don’t see this as something I immediately want to produce – the most likely first book is of stories, published in Khmer, in Cambodia. But it could play a role in the Final Major Project.

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