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I have just agreed terms with the printer in Cambodia.

One aspect I am re-thinking a little is page dimensions. I need to creates something substantial, yet readable as there is going to be quite a lot of text. Comparing with books on the shelves in Cambodia, I feel that landscape format will make mine stand out.

To cut the story short, and having gone through many physical photo and other books in my library, I am attracted to the dimensions of Jem Southam’s The Moth. this is 31cm by 24.5 cm.

For reading purposes, this seems too large – there is virtually no text in The Moth. After experimentation, with cutouts, I am settling on 26cm by 20.5cm – the same ratio but slightly smaller to be able to read more easily. Yet this is still bigger than ‘competing’ books.

I have also experimented with different layout types for the quotes images.

First, the basic design.

Then, with integrated captions.

This looks too cramped to me.

So, finally, a double page spread.

I will work this all through with Vicky, my designer.


SOUTHAM, Jem. 2018. The Moth. London: Mack Books.

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