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Given that books are a major part of our home and our (collective) way of life, this task was pretty easy to do.

  • Go to a bookshelf, take a ‘shelfie’ – a photograph of a selection of books on a shelf that reflect you / your learning
  • Make a pile of useful / influential books and take a photograph.

My main ‘photo’ shelves …

And another shelf, some photo, mainly art and philosophy – but equally important to how I think about photography.

I have been dipping in and out of this collection as the weeks have passed. Kandinsky , Pop Art et al.

Took another one of the books actually on my desk right now. A combination of theory, photobooks, aftermath and serious (Genocide) stuff. I tend to read several at a time. Sometimes I get bored – leave a bookmark – and come back to it.

Martha Rosler is a case in point, as is Claire Bishop.

But some books, like Michelle Caswell‘s, have a semi-permanent place on my desk

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