Closing down and Opening up exhibition

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During the early part of the summer, I ran a series of Zoom workshops on creating a ‘body of work’,  as opposed to one-off images, for the Frome Wessex Camera Club (FWCC). As a final task, I asked the group to submit a series of up to 10 images reflecting their overall view of the ‘Closing down and Opening up’ on the country during the 18 months of the pandemic so far.

The work was diverse and to a high quality, and the group 25 photographers were enthusiastic about the project. Camera Clubs historically tend to focus on single photographs for competitions, which is well away from my personal approach to photography, but one of the things I really enjoy about FWCC is the desire to learn and to go further. It’s a great group.

This has all led to an exhibition which will show in October at a local venue, the historic Corsley Reading Room. The management is keen to open up to new kinds of business – they haven’t done such a show before – and this is part of their re-opening. It is a mutually advantageous situation.

So far it has been a very smooth process, and we have just started advertising the event as in the header. Our youngest daughter Victoria, a professional designer, put the ad program together. Here is the overall timetable though to the exhibition.

July 22nd
August 18th
August 26th
Aug 26th – Sept 16th
September 16th
September 23rd
October 7th
October 21st
October 22nd
Oct 22nd – 25th
October 25th
Confirm you’re ‘in’
Review & Plan
Final Check
Latest Print Order
Latest Print Delivery
Hanging the Show
Opening / Club Night J
Take down

As a taster, here’s the current layout of the show. FWCC already owned some excellent display boards, and I was able to procure more at a  great price.

Roughly 120 photographs will be in the show – documentary, nature, still life, contemporary story-telling, landscape and street. Each image in the layout represents a series of 4-6 photographs. The walls will mainly be used for ‘set piece’ / ‘hero’ photographs, and all other on the boards will be mounted and sized consistently. Here are examples of the display boards we will use:

Should be a great show!

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