Closing down and Opening up video

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Here’s a video record of the’Closing down and Opening up’ exhibition, held at Corsley Reading room October 22nd – 25th.

The pandemic affected us all – and still does. We each deal with it in our own way.

When not working from home, many of us took up new hobbies and learnt new skills.

Taking photographs is already so central to our daily lives, yet during lockdown the sharing of selfies and events with friends on social media slowed down to a trickle. Instead, our daily exercise in the local countryside and urban spaces gave opportunities for a different kind of photography. And the time at home allowed photographers to put their cameras to new uses.

Many of us saw things properly that we had simply not seen or ignored before.

In this unique exhibition, 21 photographers from the Frome Wessex Camera Club give their often highly personal interpretation of what it all meant to them, and how they used their cameras in new ways.

All of the photographs were taken in the Southwest of the UK. They range from landscapes to documentary, with still life and abstracts.

In this collection, each photographer created a series about their own experience, which when put together tell a larger story. Some of the series show the intensely personal impact of Covis-19 on loved ones. The overall impression is poignant, beautiful, and thought provoking

This vibrant and varied collection of photographs was first exhibited in October 2021 at the historic Corsley Reading Room. Following positive feedback from visitors, the exhibition is being shown again at Black Swan Arts in Frome, November 2021.

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