Clown Carts, Lettuces & Integrity

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The public can only watch the continued machinations in Westminster with horror. We can complain, but the many are at the total mercy of a tiny few. Only a few weeks ago Johnson couldn’t hold onto his cabinet. A proven liar and a lazy self-server, now he’s a hero in the wings. What utter crap. Integrity seems an old idea.

Objectively whoever ‘wins’ the Tory leadership is going to be divisive and disliked. So many factions, so little chance to unify. To me the question absolutely should not be how the party holds onto power. It is not about whether Johnson would be a better vote winner than Sunak. It is what is best for the UK, for everyone in the country.

Politics is the art of the possible, and the clown cart of the past years has shown that they can’t handle even what is possible. Tax cuts without a plan, levelling up with no money, promises (the NHS?) with no delivery, one of the worse Covid death rates etc. etc.

No wonder we have a lettuce as a national hero, and the world sees the UK as fast-approaching 3rd rate status with a now negative financial outlook. And no, I am not talking the country down. The Government made it so.

For anyone with democratic beliefs, a General Election is the only way out of this, and then we all have to suck it up on the result. Whoever wins needs to get to work for the entire country and cut the puff and bluster.

Though I would be labelled a ‘progressive’ today, left of centre, I’m not a member of the culture wars ‘tofu eating wokerati’. As a long time business person, I’m a comfortable member of the British middle class. I’d benefit from tax cuts. But that is just not right for society as a whole. We need better services and infrastructure – that is where growth can come from. Having lived in Singapore, that oft-vaunted bastion of low tax and free enterprise, their services and infrastructure make the UK look like a developing nation.

Frankly, I just can’t stand the shit-show that is the current Tory party. They have had 12 years and look where we are. They are a disgrace. Incompetent. Unprincipled. An embarrassment. It really isn’t possible to be any worse. Simple as.

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