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This is a ‘Contemporary Documentary’ resource list, including many references that have influenced my work, for the University of Leeds COMM5805 Module.

My project, ‘Unfinished Stories: From Genocide to Hope‘, is about the people that we have known for 20 years that survived the Cambodian / Khmer Rouge Genocide but who had previously never told their personal stories.

It is by necessity rather eclectic, and I have focused on relatively ‘new’ work rather than the historical greats which of course are important. I have divided the list into somewhat arbitrary subheadings – narratives, photography ‘after the fact’, portrait work and news reportage. The books are in my library, published in the last few years, and the web links are current.

I have deliberately not listed, for example, ‘historical conflict photographers’ even though they are very important to both the history of photography and documentary in particular – and to what happened in the Cambodian Genocide. I have focused more on contemporary photographers whose work is indicative of where modern (multimedia) documentary sits or is travelling. Subjects like ‘aftermath’ are critical, as even conflict photography these days is often somewhat after the fact, rather than being in real time – video often fulfils that need in today’s news.

This list is built mainly on projects which tell the story of something that has happened. Thus it includes Susan Meiselas and the fragmentation of Kurdistan; Edmund Clark on Guantanamo; Laia Abril on Abortion; and Yan Wang Preston on the story of the Yangtze River. These are all more than photographic records.

In my own Cambodia work, I began with ‘simple’ portraits and ‘sites’, but these were not enough. I needed to get under the skin of what really happened, which led to the idea of the anonymous landscape bearing witness to survivor’s stories. Paula Luttringer on the torture and disappearing’ of people in Argentina; Paul Seawright on the Troubles in Northern Ireland; Alan Cohen and Judy Glickman Lauder on the Holocaust were more helpful models, as was Sophie Ristelhueber’s work on the aftermath (and traces) of the Iraq War. These are all constructed documentaries rather than photos of events as they happened (as eg Pete Souza’s excellent work on the Obama presidency would represent).

There is also a little overlap with the Urban Narratives resource list.

I would be very happy to have any suggestions for other photographers to study.


Laia Abril. 2018. Hippocratic Betrayal.

DOCUMENTARY NARRATIVE – photography, text, multimedia

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DOCUMENTARY AFTERMATH – Rephotography and interpretation of major historical events

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Header: Mick Yates. 2019. Les Rencontres d Arles.

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