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I thought long and hard about posting this – and even asked peers if I should – Danny, especially.

Some of you know that my Dad died a couple weeks back. The Service is next Tuesday. Besides being one of his Trustees, I decided to create a video celebrating his life, which will be shown at Service. He had specifically asked for a reading of the Desiderata, and Pan Pipe music, so I used that. His play out music is Louis Armstrong, What a Wonderful World, which might give everyone a clue as to how he thought about life.

I am posting this for a few reasons.

Firstly, it’s probably the most creative thing I have done in the past week.

Secondly, Dad loved photography and music, and he got me started. The video contains his pictures and mine, working together. It is indeed a posthumous collaboration.

Third, since before I joined the MA, I have wanted to use my own archives, going back 50 years. However, the ‘rules of the game’ are ‘new work’ each module, which I accept . That said, whatever final project I do will almost certainly need to incorporate some of my archival materials.

And, fourth, the new kinds of work that this program has pushed me to do (especially video) has a direct bearing on my ability to actually create this video!

Here it is:

Dad was very active until shortly before his passing – driving, gym, dancing, playing and listening to music and photography – and would have been 92 next birthday, next month.

Missed by Pam, his partner, his family and friends, including 10 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren.

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