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I ordered an A1 sized print from Loxley, using their premium metallic/perspex finish. It was completed and delivered within 4 working days. As noted before, I have several different treatments from Loxley, and did multiple comparisons before ordering this one.

As usual, it was colour corrected, beautifully finished and well protected for delivery and transport. I really don’t see any reason to move away from Loxley.

I am very pleased with the result. the quality is excellent, even given the relatively small file size that I used from the infrared Olympus. The metallic finish is very high quality, just slightly reflective but matt enough to be properly visible at all angles.

It is reminiscent of some of our favourites from Arles.

The quote is clear, no ‘jaggies’, and very readable at mid-distance. This is something which is required as the quote is an integral part of the image, rather than a small, separate caption.

In discussing the print with others, in retrospect I probably should have centred the image more – adding a little more white space at the top and reducing white space at the bottom.

Still, I think this finish is the way to go. I plan to use different sizes of image, so the next stop is BRLSI to further scope out the hanging plan.

I also need to pursue discounts and sponsorships …

Note: the photos here, taken with iPhone, do not quite to justice to the ‘proper’ black and white of the print. It is not a cheap solution.

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