Faux Pas

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I was at the so-called Leica ‘mothership’ in Wetzlar, a few months back, and was wandering around the campus. I noticed some really interesting plants, and decided to play with depth of field. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see someone walking into view. So, I took a few shots.

Well, I love my cameras but I admit I do sometimes forget to check all the manual settings. The image was vastly overexposed. Now, call me anal, but I very rarely delete something in camera, and prefer to look at everything when I get home. This looked interesting, so I hit the black and white, pumped the contrast and voila.

I think it works, as there is real sharpness in the foreground, and the figure in the receding horizon just about pulls the composition together.

Postscript: I posted the image online – and it’s fair to say it got mixed reviews. Some liked the abstractedness, and a few people really hated it, wondering why I had admitted that the image was shot with an expensive camera 🙂

And here’s the original RAW image ..

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