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Been playing with Glitch Art. That’s when you take a digital image file, mess with the code, and get unexpected results.

The header is from a series I did around 2006, using the Morris Minor in the Flickr Manipulation group. At that time I used software called Repligator, and still have it on the Windows partition of my Mac.

Today, I decided to go really old school, and hack the RAW code. I started with an original from the weekend shoot.

Then ‘Glitched It’ by running it through an audio program …

To get this result, I loaded the image as a RAW file in open source Audacity audio software. It created a rather monotonous music track.

So I took a section of the file, and added a bit of reverb. Then I  added echo to a different section. Finally, I exported the sound track as a RAW file, but using a JPG filetype. Mac Preview will open it, though Photoshop won’t. So to get the final image I used Skitch to grab a screen shot, and saved the result as a normal JPG.

Glitching instructions here

So, does this count as a non-human image?

Hardly. I took the original photograph, and I also randomly hacked the code. AI was not employed. But chance was.

I had no idea what the end result would be.

So, if it’s not computer generated art, is it computer assisted art? And who is the author?

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