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Following the earlier post on a first experiment, I conducted a second experiment.

In the spirit of the week, I decided to promote TWO images on Instagram, simultaneously, with a ‘control’ image.

I used three of my Landings work, as in the the header, above. As before, I set the promotion up as 3 days, at £7.50 a day maximum. But this time I linked to call to action to my Landings page.

The results? The two promoted posts were liked 195 and 191 times. This compared with the single promoted image last week, at 332 likes. All are a considerable distance ahead of my previous best on the platform (146 likes). However, only 1 follower was directly attracted via the promotion. The control image got 33 likes.

Here are the Instagram Analytics:

Image #15 – Killing Fields (Header Left)

Image #5 – Water Bottle (Header Right)

So, the conclusions?

  1. Both this and the previous experiment suggest that Instagram promotions have little impact on followers.
  2. Similar results for two, simultaneous images suggest Instagram promotions are scaleable.
  3.  The more ‘abstract’ water bottle image seemed to get a younger and more female response than the more ‘generic’ killing fields.
  4. Neither image performed as well as the previous experiment – possible because of the ‘negative’ form rather than the more traditional Ta Prohm architectural shot in the previous experiment.


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