Installation planning

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Spent some time creating layouts at BRLSI, based on photographs of the space. Feeling quite pleased with how it is shaping up.

The idea is that visitors will get a short intro to Cambodian history as they enter (and a warning about the content). I will possibly use floors stands, as in the header, and take aways one set of chairs and table.

The main focus will be on the landscapes / traces with Khmer quotes, each explained with a neat caption. Some will of those captions will have links (via QR codes) to online stores (

There will be one ‘hero image’ space – either printed or as a projection area. As visitors walk through etch installation, they will also be able to see the ‘hope’ side of the event – education progress.

And I will make use of the available BRLSI hanging and display cabinet spaces.

Here is more detail, including on the posters et al –ย BRLSI Installation Layout.

And here is the final 20 main images. I will likely use 14 of these, depending on final layout.