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I have to give another presentation  of my work at the end of this week, to the Frome Wessex Club. I’ll be sharing the Unfinished Stories work, including how it was developed, and will address several issues – aftermath, atrocity, dark tourism, traces and so forth. This will be similar to a presentation I gave to PhotoBath and, earlier to BRLSI.

However, this time I want to make it more interactive, as a learning exercise.

Before I ‘unveil’ my creative solutions, pairing metaphorical photographs with quotes, I will let groups develop their own solutions, and then share why / how they did what they did.

This will hopefully be out of the comfort zone of the audience, though should be instructive about both the use of text and storytelling through metaphor.

The exercise will also give me some feedback on the text / image pairing. Whilst I have pretty much set my choices, there is still time to change before I press the ‘print’ button for the BRLSI installation.

If this works, I might use the same approach at the University of Leeds later in the month, where I have to deliver a lecture / workshop to Masters students in the Media & Communications department.

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