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Interesting webinar with Cemre, Sarah, Danny & Ant. We were sharing our exhibition thinking, including Landings. Amongst other things, I shared the experimental ‘negatives’ work I am exhibiting for Landings (online gallery here), and thoughts on a longer-term installation

These comments were made:

Danny & Ant – be careful that the ‘art’ nature of the negatives doesn’t detract from the seriousness of the story. Role of the real?

Cemre noted the work of Diana Blok, with her use of (coloured) negatives. The header is from her Time Tells series.

She also reminded me of the work of Roger Ballen, and particularly his use of Walls (reminiscent of the cell walls in my installation sketch).

From Ballen’s website:

Roger Ballen’s photographs are like images from a waking dream: compelling and thought-provoking, with layers of rich details, flashes of dark humor, and an altered sense of place.

Cemre encouraged me to continue the exploration, and suggested that the negatives, when shown together, show the past in some way. They could be a (mini?) part of a combined work which also documents the stories and the present. She also referenced the work of Alfredo Jaar, on the Rwanda Genocide, and using the ‘absence’ of things.

Sarah – the chair, is an interesting image – and negatives lend themselves to light boxes?

We also discussed the installation ideas, and how to bring it alive as an experience, including those ‘polaroid mug shots’.

Subsequently, Gem suggested that I create different sized traces images for the Landings show – using white borders as needed.

The project exploration continues!

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