Olympus Infrared Experiments

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I have just received the converted Olympus OM-D 10, converted to 720nm, as previously noted.  Here is a reference set of images.

First, a straight colour image:

Reference Colour Original

An image taken with the infrared Olympus, using auto white balance on the camera:

Infrared Auto White Balance, 720nm Conversion

Now, adjusting that image with Split Tone and Colour Channel Curves, to bring out more of the ‘traditional’ IR effect often seen online:

Infrared Auto White Balance, 720nm Conversion, adjusted Split Tone & Colour Curves

Next, an image taken using the custom white balance set by the technicians who converted the camera, to maximise infrared:

Infrared Custom White Balance, 720nm Conversion

An image using split tone correction to bring out ‘false colours’ in the manner of much contemporary infrared photography:

Infrared Custom White Balance Corrected Split Tone, 720nm Conversion

Now, a traditional black and white conversion:

Reference Black and White

And a conversion to ‘digital negative’,  as in my latest WIP:

Reference Digital NegativeA black and white conversion of the infrared custom white balance image. Note the ghostly nature of the end result, compared with the traditional black and white:

Infrared Custom White Balance Black & White, 720nm Conversion

Lots of food for thought and experimentation here, most importantly to ensure that I am using any image technique appropriately for ten subject matter, and not just to create tricky, fancy images.

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