Falmouth Flexible MA Photography

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This new blog is to note my progress in the two year Falmouth Flexible MA Photography, which starts on January 29th.

Modules include:

Positions & Practice. The first module of the course is an orientation to the current landscape of contemporary practice, and to develop ideas for my research project.

The module is split into weekly topics which will be unlocked each Friday afternoon. Topics consist of activities including pre-recorded presentations; recorded and / or live interviews and talks from practitioners and professionals; discussion fora; responding to set texts; usually a weekly webinar which typically aims to discuss your practice in relation to the week’s topic.

On completion of this module, I will be expected to demonstrate an ability to confidently contextualise my practice in relation to contemporary photography, and identify and articulate research objectives and goals.

Informing Contexts. During this module I will examine the myriad ways in which contemporary practice is enriched through critical / theoretical contextualisation. I will critically consider my own practice in relation to historical, philosophical and ethical perspectives on photography and visual culture.

I will be introduced to a number of themes and debates that are fundamental to the study of the image, ideas of looking and subjectivity, as well as the contexts and institutions within which we engage with the photographic image.

On completion of this module I will be expected to demonstrate increased sophistication in my understanding of how critical contextual theories relating to contemporary visual culture, inform the making and consumption of my photographic practice.