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PhotoBath, the local photography collective, are running their third annual show, in September, at the 44AD ArtSpace Gallery in Bath. They are also creating the third ‘Showcase’ book, to be published around the same time.

I am pleased to say that I have some of my ‘Traces’ series represented in both, which will give an indication of how the work is received by a public audience.

In fact the ‘water bottle’ image (header) has also been chosen as a poster to represent the exhibition in advertising and social media.

The title of the exhibition is ‘Unfinished‘. Various members of the collective put forward suggestions, and mine was chosen via democratic vote.

Traces – The Chair

From the description of my work:

‘The Khmer Rouge Genocide ended almost 40 years ago. Yet, for the people that survived, there are still many unfinished stories to tell. This series explores the physical traces of the Genocide, which sit in the background of those personal stories’.

Traces – Numbers

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