PhotoBath ‘Witness’ Exhibition

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The PhotoBath Witness exhibition is on from October 1st until the 6th. As previously noted, one of my images was selected by the curators (Benedict Brain, until recently editor of Britain’s best-selling consumer photography magazine, Digital Camera; Dr Michael Pritchard, Director, Education and Public Affairs, at The Royal Photographic Society: and Pamela G. Roberts, past curator at the Royal Photographic Society for 19 years).

Witness marketing leaflets

The theme of the exhibition is social change. The other work exhibited is UK-based, so in may ways my work is an outlier. Still, it is an opportunity to have my work before the public. At the same time, Showcase 4, PhotoBath’s latest book, will also feature my work.

In the marketing materials, PhotoBath has prepared leaflets. I have decided to provide postcard giveaways for the show. Other members occasionally sell cards, but these will be free – and, more importantly, carry details of the December Unfinished Stories exhibition at BRLSI.

I had a pack of 25 made by Moo Cards, my usual supplier for such things – and am very pleased. A very high quality card. I think these could prove quite popular, so I will have some more made. I will also explore dispenser units.


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