Practical Aesthetics

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I have been continuing to look at the final processing of the infrared images, prompted by the PhotoBath curation team’s decision to include 4 of the series in the upcoming Showcase book.

I was not involved in the curation process, though I have to say I do like the team’s choice, as the 4 images tell an interesting story.

The original processing is this:

I had Loxley print this, and was very happy with the faithful, sharp result. I did however wonder about the depth of the blacks.

So I added contrast.

I printed these as side by side samples – and still prefer the slightly more subtle treatment of details in the original, a view confirmed by Vicky (my book designer) and Ingrid (my best critic) amongst others.

Decision taken, so i will prefer the Showcase files accordingly. I also need to do a short write-up for the book, which will be an interesting test run for flyers etc.

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