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For a few years, I have used Loxley Colour in Scotland as my exhibition printer, and they are the provider for any customer orders taken from my website, I have always been pleased with the results.

I have used Art Panels as the main exhibition format to date, mixed with some acrylics which seem to be of a  particularly high quality. Loxley offer a very fast turnaround, and I have yet to be disappointed by their colour management.

All prices are pre any discount for multiple orders. I plan to execute via my company, so VAT will be refundable as a business to business cost.

Loxley’s choices are virtually limitless, so let me pick a few I have either used before or that seem representative.

Giclee Print, Fibre Board

Foamex 5mm board with Hahnemuhle fine art pearl 285 gsm. A1: £81.73 plus 20% VAT (£45.17 Giclee print only).

Print quality is very good.

Whilst attractive and very suitable for exhibition or events, this requires some form of hanging mechanism – velcro or stick pads.

Art Panel

Black edge & Fuji DP2 satin laminate finish. A1: £105.03 plus 20% VAT

To date, this has been my main exhibition format, and it has always been well received.

I plan to order an infrared with caption, not least as I have a PhotoBath exhibition coming up which will include a couple of these images.


Satin black edge, Hahnemuhle Torchon 285 gsm paper. Largest size 40×30 (approx. A3); £173.26 plus 20% VAT.

This comes in a  variety of frame colours, mounts and papers. A classical though not cheap solution.

Box Frame

Edge & satin laminate finish. A1: £168.76 plus 20% VAT.

This seems like a ‘no’ both on aesthetic and cost grounds.


Gloss print with 2mm acrylic. A1: £175.91 plus 20% VAT.

Dibond Metallic

Aluminium panel mounted on a black acrylic base. Metallic print. A1: £130.67 plus 20% VAT. A2: 78.26 plus 20% VAT.

I love these two finishes (acrylic and dibond metallic), and have acrylic at home. But in quantity I need to think whether these are financially viable. Another option is Dibond White.

Aluminium panel mounted on a black acrylic base. White print. A1: £104.42 plus 20% VAT.

Exploration is definitely required, including considering other providers and possible home-made framing.

I use Metro Imaging for scanning, and they have a  dedicated framing and exhibition service – my next port of call.

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