Printing, and Webinar with Wendy

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As I discussed with Wendy, I made an (expensive) error in printing, with a border that just did not quite work.

Not enough space at the top – too much at the bottom.

I have rectified this, and printed out an A3+ version to ‘live with’ the layout a while before I go further.

PhotoBath also have the file to print for the upcoming Witness exhibition, so it will be interesting to see how it is framed.

In talking through the project status with Wendy, she also suggested that I create mini-portfolios for each of the Unfinished Stories – to experiment with ways to make them more impactful, portable and poetic.

Sounds  a great idea, and I will get on it.

Note: the header is the ’50 word description’ required for the Witness exhibition. I am not sure this does justice, so I intend to develop something to give out to the visitors, based on Wendy’s portfolio idea.

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