Qs week 3 – “Rethinking Photographers”

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Presentation 1: Photographers on Film

Q: How else do popular representations of photographers contribute to perceived social and cultural values of the profession?
Read my post on non-photographer’s views of Professionals.

Q: Do you have a favourite or least favourite movie about a photographer?
‘Blow Up’, though I haven’t seen it for years.

Q: What do you think this film says about the media more as practitioners?

Q: Why do you think directors and screenwriters incorporate these fantasies, especially such dark ones within mainstream cinema?
That’s making assumptions that I don’t subscribe too. ‘Blow up’ was a thriller-fantasy, not especially dark

Presentation 2: Manufacturers and Developers

Q: What is the impact of ever changing technology?
Deciding what is really useful and sustainable, versus a gimmick.
eg was bought a Lytro camera. Fascinating science but the complexity of trying to use it totally outweighed its leading edge tech

Q: What challenges has this presented you with?
Just more research on what to do – though social is incredibly helpful in getting advice.
Shoppers used to start at the store. Now we start with online advice and reviews, visit a store (maybe) to get a feel of the item, walk out and buy it on Amazon 🙂

Q: How have you embraced (or rejected) changing technology?
I am usually an early adopter, though maybe slowing down a bit as camera tech seems to be somewhat levelling off
I am also a big user of social media

Q: How do you think the way cameras are marketed affects people’s perception of the value of professional photography?
I don’t think it does. However it does feed GAS

Presentation 3: Photojournalism & Amateur Aesthetics

Q: How do you think digital filters affect the way we read images?
Impact, liveability, noticeability in the stream

Q: Do you see the rise of UGC as a challenge for you or does it present opportunities?

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