Redesigned my website

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I spent some time this past weekend reflecting back on the feedback from my WIP, and doing some research on web design.

I have historically used a dark grey style, but I realise that may contribute to a rather ‘old’ look’. I had built this journal in a light, slightly off-white aesthetic. So I decided it was time to go all in. I also looked at more modern typefaces.

I kept the menu structure, and the ‘Unfinished Stories’ idea behind etc site, as I believe both still appropriate to how I view my work.

One of the joys of Smugmug is that it always works, and is easy to maintain. Yet, to get a really ‘clean’ look, some customisations are needed, requiring CSS scripts.

I found a very neat ‘filmstrip’ approach to galleries on Aaron Myers website. And I have already used scripts from both Smugmug Help and the dgrin forum. This included the ability to eliminate some of Smugmug’s default features, which can clutter the screen real estate.

Quite pleased with the results, both on mick yates photography and mick’s photo blog.

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