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It has been  little while, but I was asked to shoot last evening’s Bath for Europe event, featuring Lord Andrew Adonis (ex labour Minister, Vice-Chair of the European Movement) and Stephen Dorrell (ex Conservative Minister, Chair of the European Movement).

This things are always a chance to sharpen my practice. I usually use the Leica SL for events, this time paired with the 24-90mm zoom. I knew the venue, and expected there to be some decent if rather focused light.

The SL is ‘trustworthy’ up to 3200 ISO, and the auto white balance is equally sound. Most shots were at least 2/3/ stop underexposed – I prefer to adjust slightly in post.

Mick Yates. 2019. Stephen Dorrell.

A small trick that I often use in post is to use the microphone as the grey point – 9 times out of 10 this works well, and it provides consistency of colour across the series of images. If I have a style, it is to be sure the subject stands against a dark background. I see too many images where attempts to even the lighting in post leads to unrealistic results. I prefer slight underexposure – and occasionally black and white conversions, depending on the media that the work will be used in.

These days I use Tonality Pro B&W conversion, as I find it more controllable than Lightroom itself.

Mick Yates. 2019. Stephen Dorrell.

Quite pleased with the photos, as is the client.

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