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I have been invited to give a talk to the Western Region of the Royal Photographic Society, next Sunday (September 9th).

They have advertised it to members as a combination of the Cambodia work, and ‘taking street photography outside of your comfort zone’ – essentially meaning street portraits. Here is what was sent to members:

Mick Yates, LRPS, is a local photographer, and is involved with Photo Bath. In the first part of his talk, Mick will talk about his personal journey – from travel pictures, to street, to ‘proper’ documentary photography.

He’s lived and photographed all over the world, so Mick will also discuss a longterm documentary he is doing on Cambodia, which forms the centrepiece of his Falmouth MA in Photography. This includes how he’s dealing with ‘dark tourism’ and how to do ‘aftermath’ photography in a hopefully not trite, and maybe controversial, way.

Interactive audience participation will be welcome.

For more on Mick, please see https://www.mickyatesphotography.com/.

I plan to make it as multi-media as possible, with video of both the Landings work, and my WIP.

Here is ‘Traces’ from Landings:

And here is the Work in Progress:

There appears to be a sub-group of documentary photographers, so it will be a good opportunity to discuss aftermath approaches, including the ins and outs of ‘dark tourism’.

They expect an hour long talk, followed by questions. They also want a collection of printed images for members to play with and discuss.

I guess this could be included as another workshop for Surfaces & Strategies, or as a networking event for Sustainable Prospects.

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