6. Itinerary

MALAWI: Monday, February 4, 2002

Mangochi: Program briefing by Malawi office staff.
COPE program for AIDS orphans and vulnerable children.
CHAPS/HIV in Schools – community health program with emphasis on AIDS.
NCHANDA ni NCHANDA – Youth to Youth program.
DISTRICT EDUCATION OFFICE and community members.

MALAWI: Tuesday, February 5

Group I
NACC officials, Orphan Care and Home based care groups.
Namwera Health Center.
Village AIDS Committee and Home based care guardians and providers, orphan care groups, youth group, and income and food security group.
Non-COPE village – traditional leaders, religious leaders, teachers and extension workers.

Group II
Chimwala – Community-Based Child Care center.
Kafucheche – home-based care providers.
Mpinganjira – traditional authorities, PTA, teachers.

Group III
Monkey Bay – Community-Based Child Care center.
Economic opportunities program visit.
Orphan Education Project (non-COPE).
Malawi Children’s Village (non-COPE).

MALAWI: Wednesday, February 6

Group I
Chilipa – Save the Children Sponsorship school.
Meet sponsored children, PTA and school committee.
Nchanda ni Nchanda Resource Center.
Nikisi -Village Headman.

Group II
Maldeco – visits with traditional birth attendant and health surveillance assistants.
CHAPS program.
Mangochi – District Hospital.

Group III
Mangochi – Nchanda ni Nchanda (Youth to Youth) presentation/discussion.
WAGA – Women Against AIDS.
Malindi – Orphan Care Group (non-COPE).

MALAWI: Thursday, February 7

Liwonde – Balaka office visit and Child Survival program briefing.
QUEST – Quality Education Through Supporting Teaching – school/briefing by staff.

MALAWI: Friday, February 8

US Ambassador to Malawi & USAID Director.
National AIDS Committee Executive Director & Principal Secretary of the Ministry of Gender.
Lilongwe Hospital


MOZAMBIQUE: Saturday, February 9

Maputo: visit to Sisters of Charity Child Care (not a Save the Children project)

MOZAMBIQUE: Sunday, February 10

Maputo: Save the Children offices.
Program briefing by Mozambique Field Office staff.
Gaza Province:

Xai Xai:

Group I
De Fevereiro Village – Negotiation Skills Project and Other Activities.

Group II
Nhangono Village – Negotiation Skills Project and Other Health activities.

MOZAMBIQUE: Monday, February 11

Team A
Gaza – Provincial Governor.
Julius Nyerere Village – Child Heads of Household.
Magul – Child to Child activities, visits at the school and with health activists.

Team B
Gaza – Provincial Chief Doctor & Provincial for National AIDS Council.
Nhacutse – Negotiation Skills Project, traditional healers and health activists.
Magul – Child to Child activities, visits at the school and with health activists.
US Ambassador and Health Coordinator.

MOZAMBIQUE: Tuesday, February 12


National non-governmental organization (NGO) involved with HIV/AIDS programming.
National AIDS Council.

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