7. Advisory Board Biographies

Gretchen Dykstra.
San Francisco area and New York City. Member of Save the Children’s Board of Trustees. Taking office as the Commissioner of Consumer Affairs for the City of New York as of February 2002. Formerly President of the Times Square Business Improvement District, New York City. Earlier, Project Director for The Rockefeller Foundation and Director of Communications /Community Relations for the New York City Charter Revision Commission. Founder and Chair, Save the Children HIV / AIDS Advisory Committee.

Karen Blessen
Dallas, Texas. Painter, sculptor, illustrator and journalist who, since 1999, has had features illustrated with her own art published by the Dallas Morning News. The first graphic artist to be awarded a Pulitzer Prize (Explanatory journalism) for work on a Dallas Morning News special section investigating a private airline crash. From 1994 to present, has created art for the Times Square Business improvement District in New York City. See also her work on the trip at Karen Blessen’s News Articles & Graphics.

Louis A Bradbury
New York, New York. Attorney who is principal of Bradbury & Company, a consulting firm that allows Louis to focus on civic and social science involvements, including leading nonprofit boards and participation in political fund raising and campaigns. Formerly President, CEO, and Member, Board of Directors of Revere Copper & Brass, Inc., Vice President, Capital Markets for Merrill Lynch & Co, and Attorney in the Appellate Division, Tax Division, for the U.S. Department of Justice. President of GHMC (Gay Men’s Health Crisis), the first and leading HIV/AIDS service organization in New York City, 1990-97.

Eleanor Cicerchi
Trumbull, Connecticut. Associate Vice President for Development for Save the Children, former chief development officer for amfAR, the American Association for AIDS Research, and former vice president of external affairs for ORBIS International, a blindness prevention organization working in the developing world.

Marvin Davis
New York, New York. Owner of Davis Realty, which owns, manages and develops commercial and residential real estate in NYC. Also a Consultant and volunteer leader in the field of AIDS, and member of the board of directors of the Times Square Business Improvement District.

Rob Houghton
Acton, Massachusetts. Middle School Coordinator, Belmont Day School and documentary photographer. Former member of the Save the Children Board of Trustees and former intern for Save the Children. Plans to post journal entries and photographs on the Internet during the trip. Holds a B.A. and M.A. from Harvard University.

Frances Tietjen Wiener
Rye, New York. Civic activist who has served on a number of boards at the city and county levels. Formerly Director of the Rye Youth Council, a social service organization that provides services for children at risk. Holds M.A. in historical preservation and has worked as a consultant in that field. After college was a caseworker for New York City in the New York City Bureau of Child Welfare. Currently pursuing courses in scripture and theology.

Namposya Nampanya-Serpell Ph.D
Washington, DC. Senior Global HIV/AIDS Advisor, Children in Crisis, for Save the Children. She was formerly consultant on the linkage between poverty and HIV/AIDS for UN-AIDS in Geneva and Staff HIV/AID Specialist, Save the Children consultant on cost-effectiveness analysis as a programming tool for HIV/AIDS Orphaned/Affected Children in Sub-Saharan Africa with USAID in Washington, D.C. In the early 90s she was a consultant for the UN, researching the integration of women in UN-funded programs and projects. A graduate of the University of Zambia with a double major in economics and English, she has also served as Director, Investment Policy and Planning for the National Commission for Development Planning Lusaka in Zambia.

Mick Yates
Doynton, England. Consultant and Member of the Save the Children Board of Trustees. Formerly Company Group Chairman Johnson & Johnson, Asia Pacific, based in Singapore. Also served as Regional Vice President for Procter & Gamble, based in Hong Kong and Japan. The Yates family have a program in Cambodia with Save the Children Norway and the Cambodian Education Authorities, building schools and training teachers.

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