Self-Isolation Project

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The UK is now officially in ‘lockdown mode’, although Ingrid and I have been self-isolating as much as possible for almost three weeks, now, with only trips to grocery stores, pharmacy and garage. We are very fortunate in living in the country, away from crowds yet surprisingly well served via nearby small towns. And two of our kids (!) live nearby with their partners.

I decided to create a small daily project, leaning a little on my Cambodian ‘Unfinished Stories‘.

The new work features a picture a day of the view from my studio.

The Studio

I have combined this with a news headline from that day.

Day 3 – March 18th

There isn’t the kind of paradox that appears in the Unfinished stories work, but there is still a discontinuity between the landscape and the headline.

Day 7 – March 22nd

I am keeping track via spreadsheet of the days and the quotes, with a url to the news item.

Each photograph is taken at roughly the same time – with my morning coffee – and a headline chosen at the same moment.

I am using the Leica Q, set at a constant setting (F8 / 1600 ISO).

Day 9 – March 24th

I also plan to experiment with a range of images, rather than exactly the same view. And I am getting out the infrared camera

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