Street Portraiture

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For the first time I joined up with the Frome Wessex Camera Club, for a walk around town, guided by David Chedgy. I admit I am not into the ‘camera club’ contest thing, but it was a lovely day, a large group of fun people, and a great model, Helen Cue.

I spent most of the time taking candid portraits (or posed) portraits of Helen. Whilst she hadn’t done this kind of event before, she was terrific to work with.

So, what’s the relationship here with the MA or my Cambodia project?

Firstly, it was great to get onto the street, setting up images. Whilst not the main thrust of my project work, portraiture of different kinds (candid, environmental) is definitely one of the approaches I need to include. So, it was great practice.

Secondly, I found myself slipping into giving advice to the group. There were some very good photographers, though almost to a person they were shooting with zooms – and too far away. It seemed I was the only person using a relatively wide fixed prime (35mm).

Several people asked for technical advice on their cameras, though I think I was more helpful to the group by giving them model and compositional ideas.

Many of the group were a bit reticent about talking to strangers in the street, and getting them to engage with Helen.

I think lesson number 1 on a  sunny day is that most people are up for it! Photographer as date maker …

In any event, it has prompted me to offer a Workshop to the group, which will tie in with this module’s activities. It is tentatively set for Sunday August 19th, in Bath – more anon.

For the technically minded (!), all images shot with Leica M10, Summicron 35mm, available light.

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