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Very helpful webinar with Gary today.

As background, one of my ‘issues’ is the limited time I can be in Cambodia, and how I will develop my practice throughout the course. I have already decided to:

  • Connect with the UK-based Cambodian community, to see what opportunities there are to ‘tell the story’. It was a nice start to meet the Khmer Kitchen mobile food people, based in Somerset, at the Frome Independent Market this past weekend.
  • Continue to work with the idea of ‘traces’, to suggest historical context to events when the actual event is long past – choosing UK historical sites to build my practice and develop my ideas – and trying to avoid the often banal images from dark tourism.
  • Work with Sarath ‘virtually’ on his written stories.
  • Continue to build my environmental portraiture capabilities.
  • Scan and print a selection of ‘old’ images to take on my next Cambodia trip, to explore rephotography and display.

In conversation with Gary, he noted:

  • The main thrust of this module is to clearly shape and describe the ‘how’ we practice photography, illustrated by our Work in Progress (shot this module).
  • That said, rephotography by definition includes prior work. So using that in some useful and describable way in creating new work is valid.
  • Simply scanning old work is not really ‘new’ work (even though the Natural History Museum claims copyright of digital images of historic photographs long out of copyright!).
  • Using both old and new work, in books and exhibitions, including those activities featuring later in this module, is of course allowed.
  • Just be very wary of using ‘old’ work in the final WIP portfolio for Surfaces and Strategies, as it carries 60% of the marks.
  • Gary thought 18 images would be required.

We also discussed Claire Bishop‘s rather dense book “Artificial Hells“. Gary suggested some Tate videos, and admits he saw those before reading the book 🙂 I looked them up – links below, and much easier to follow.

Bishop, Claire. 2012. Artificial Hells. London: Verso Books.

Bishop, Claire. 2012. Delegated Performance: Outsourced Authenticity. Tate Video from Inside Out: Materialising the Social Conference. (Accessed 5/6/2018).

Bishop, Claire. 2013. Radical Museology. London: Koenig Books.

Bishop, Claire. 2007. Spectacle and Participation.Tate Video from Rethinking Spectacle Conference. (Accessed 5/6/2018).


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