This week’s ‘to do’

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Well, where to start ..

1. WIP: Go through the images from the past two weeks trip to Cambodia. Sort into themes, and start the process of deciding on which to include, the narration, how to show etc. This will also include reviewing the ‘rephotography’ exploration I started shooting.

2. Landings: Finalise the online gallery, both images and method of presentation. I am using Exposure to tell the story, rather than a static gallery. Here’s the current status.

3. Workshop: Put together a short presentation for the Workshop in Bath, due August 19th, on ‘candid street portraits’. So far 10 people have signed up. Details here.

4. Video: Follow up with the Phnom Penh filmmakers, on the initial footage we collaborated on and shot last week. This featured stories, not before told, from Khmer Rouge times. They also plan to shoot a couple more stories before my next trip, which I will ‘direct / edit’ by remote.

5. Book: Create timetable for the book of stories we now plan to publish in Khmer, printed in Phnom Penh, before the end of this calendar year. We are aiming for a dozen stories from the family that I am working with – and ‘allegorical’ images taken by me to illustrate them. My contacts in PP will setup initial conversations with publishers over the coming weeks, so we can hopefully finalise the project on my next trip. Whilst I have some photographs which will be appropriate, I also aim to shoot more images on that trip.

6. Oral Presentation: Honestly, have a few ideas but no actual script yet. I do know it will include at least some clips of video we shot in Phnom Penh. It will also address what I now see as a more concrete contextual narrative for my work, going forward. This is still work in progress, with a link here.

7. Coursework: Having been travelling and shooting  pretty much solidly for three weeks, I need to catch up with some of the reading and guest lectures.

8. Exhibition: A couple of my ‘traces’ images are part of a group show in Bath in September, and in a book. These need to be printed and framed.

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