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Very good conversation last evening with Krishna and Ash.

Both were encouraging about the status of my FMP. We discussed the use of quotes as an integral part of the image .. and agreed that is the way forward for the BRLSI exhibition. I shred the first thoughts on layout, which were well received. On Friday I will visit BRLSI again to get more ideas on layout.

Also, I plan to look at various print approaches (and text sizes) to settle on the best for the show.

We looked at the current selection of images (as per the IC WIP). Krishna especially liked the 1st and 13th, as really pressing the paradox with the quote. We also discussed the closer-in variants – traces like – and the possibility as raised of using pairs of images. The header is such an example, which features the 13th image alongside the 14th (which Wendy previously had commented on).

I shared one of the stories using the Exposure platform, as part of the exploration around Wendy’s challenge to make the stories into ‘mini portable portfolios’. Ash raised the idea of using tablets at BRLSI, which then led to ideas around putting QR codes by the images hanging to direct people to exposure, voice recordings etc. via their mobile phones. and so forth. We talked other ideas to engage the audience, and give them things to take away and follow up with. I have been playing with handouts, and Krishna mentioned that she had seen postcards with a single image used successfully, comments on the back.

We also talked the book status, which I am pleased with. I shared the design spreads and material samples. Whilst the FMP will focus on the Installation and the ‘quotes images’, the book is an important part of the overall project. It has led to critical historical research which will get used at the show. And i will reference it (via Issuu or some such) in the FMP.

Krishna’s overall comment is that there is a lot of good material here, and it’s going to be about making choices for the FMP. She offered to help in the image editing process as things move forward.

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