Week Eight Reflections

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Now, where to start.

With the positives! I got some great ideas on presenting my work this week, mainly from Danny, who, with his own work, demonstrated beautifully how to use the story telling capabilities in exposure.com. So here’s my first – Sarath’s Story.

This, after I had spent quite some time working a mini-site for the ‘work in progress’ from Cambodia, on my main website. It was OK, but nowhere near as strong in telling the story than exposure.

All of this work did, however, force me to curate and choose the images, which is a skill I need to learn how to do better.

I was also gratified to get some very positive feedback on the strength of images from the recent trip. I can see that I am shooting a different, more dynamic way to earlier visits to Cambodia. Now I need to ‘bottle’ that and truly develop my signature style.

Interestingly, the feedback was more from peers than the faculty, but welcome nevertheless. Even on the subject of having images on my website with ’rounded corners’ – is this too whimsical for such a serious subject?

Gary was quite interested in the image in the header, as it carries multiple levels of story. Should I develop each, separately? Sarath, tourists, Cambodian society?

I have a (positive) suspicion that the Cromarty Cohort will be a tough audience – which is just brilliant. I am thoroughly enjoying the camaraderie, and the perfectionism in the group. Oh, and the WhatsApp banter … 🙂

And the not so good?

Well, I hardly shot anything new this week.

And I admit to being disappointing that the webinar this week seemed to focus more on website / presentational style than actual content.

Time to examine my expectations?

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