Week Eleven Reflections

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I think this week I had a creative breakthrough. As noted before, I am interested in ‘traces’, aftermath photography. Sophie Ristelhueber‘s work comes to mind.

And I am also intrigued by the way that Wolfgang Tillmans uses an eclectic mix of images, shapes and surfaces to tell the story he wants to tell.

The Cambodian project has already presented dilemmas. Whilst I want to push myself creatively, I also realise that, to see this through ‘Cambodian eyes’, I also need to balance the humanity of the story with appropriate coverage of the Genocide.

A strategy could be to combine image types.

By using thematic ‘traces’ to punctuate Sarath’s personal story, a more coherent and engaging view of historical context could be incorporated in a book or exhibition.

I will explore this in the next Block, Surfaces & Strategies.

Ristelhueber, Sophie & Mayer, Marc & Ladd, Jeffrey. 2009. Sophie Ristelhueber: Fait (Books on Books). New York: Errata.

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