Week Fifteen Reflections

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It has been a pretty heavy week, planning the BRLSI show, starting to write about my practice (and how I got to the FMP work). Paul Clements, as ever, has been helpful, as have my Cromarty friends. Just 6 weeks to the show, and 7 weeks to handing in all of the necessary documents.

But my reflection of the week has to be about Cambodia versus (sic) the UK.

First, I have just got word that the digital proof / dummy is winging its way to us. It looks like the printers are doing  super job, and I am very excited to see the dummy.

I noted a couple of couple of typos when I was using the text to prepare materials for the show – nothing serious, and I am sure they will get fixed for printing.

The printers are very happy with the book quality, and I hope it is a product that they will also be able to ‘market’. Whilst a successful commercial printer, they have never done anything quite like this before. Whatever happens I owe Bandol (from IPML, in Phnom Penh) a big ‘thank you’.

At the risk of being overly optimistic (not my usual demeanour), it also seems like I will get copies of the finished product in time for the show.

My second observation its about the UK. Sarath still has not final confirmation of his visa. He started the process at the beginning of August, had to submit essentially his life’s biography and financial accounting, had an interview and paid a significant sum.

Her Majesty’s hostile environment is exactly that.

Hostile and shameful.

Why can I get a visa to Cambodia online in about 5 minutes, and Sarath’s takes months. That is of course rhetorical. But it is more than annoying.

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