Week Nine Reflections

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Very interesting discussion on my self-critique and my recent work in today’s webinar. Thank you Gary, Danny, Ashley, Emma & Howard.

Not going to go into great detail, but I took out these points, in no particular order.

The Idea of creating a ‘mick yates voice’ is reasonable, but is it in fact counter to the (even bigger idea) to make this documentary from the point of view of Sarath and others involved?

In that regard, maybe a personal desire to ‘abstract’ or use ‘Provoke’ style imagery isn’t appropriate.

On the other hand, the need to look at well established and frequently viewed places with a different eye is part of this.

We discussed the header image above quite a lot. Whilst intriguing, and certainly moving past ‘snapshots’, it raises a few questions:

  • Is it cluttered, compositionally?
  • Did I take enough time reviewing and considering the scene before taking the pictures?
  • Should it focus more on individual skulls and their (hidden) stories?
  • Does it only make sense as part of a  series?
  • Can I access the museum privately?
  • Can I take skulls and other items out of the cases?

All legitimate questions.

I need to consider how a series will work together, starting with the WIP due in a couple of weeks … though remember that is exactly what it is – WIP and not finished. Can I do the story in 12 images or less? Good challenge, Danny. Gandalf will rise to it!



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