P&P Week One Reflections

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Exhilarated. Really excited to be part of an academically strong, creatively challenging program – great faculty, and very talented students.

One of my goals in joining the MA program was to really stretch my understanding of photography in all of its aspects. I have studied the history of photography, even taught a bit on the subject – but I want to move beyond the facts to the feeling of it all.

Really enjoying digging deeper on landscape and the philosophy of the beautiful and the sublime, and (re) reading Kant. Didn’t expect that! In working on the ‘Global Image‘, went back to include some material I had used with PhotoBath to discuss ‘Iconic Images’, as I feel that the concepts are connected. And I had fun re-making of a global image, by reverse engineering it.

Challenged. The other students are really talented. Can I keep up?

Determined. I have always been an avid learner, yet also for a large part of my life, a teacher. I am determined to stay true to both, yet clearly in this context I am a student.

Can I bring something to this, for others? And I am a little concerned that I might become ‘just’ a receiver.

Clear. This week has reinforced my desire to re-visit, re-visualise and re-conceptualise our Cambodia story. It’s also exciting that I just heard that Sarath wants to be a partner in this journey. Now, need to make plans to get to Cambodia, define the project, start taking images – and get it done in this first block.

Confused. The first webinar was fun, and great to see such interesting and diverse views and work from my fellow students. But still, confused. It seemed I wasn’t articulating my thoughts well. Gary seemed perplexed by my thought process, and maybe thought me too ‘closed’ in my approach and ideas?

Nothing could be further from the truth for anyone that knows me. Note to self: try harder to both present and listen.

A Question. Really enjoyed setting up and writing the CRJ. I realise it is early days, and I probably overdid it with so many posts. But does anyone read it?

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