Week Ten Reflections

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Well, back at it with a vengeance. This week has mainly been about getting the P&P Proposal started, although more detail on how to do this only appears in week 11. Feedback to the tutors, methinks, about timing and spoon feeding.

In any case, my biggest reflections this week are twofold.

First, how much I appreciate the help, advice and encouragement of the Cromarty cohort. That could become a recurring theme, though it seems especially important when we are all writing proposals and delivering end-of-block results.

Second, traces. We are in the final stages of the improvements on our new home, and I have been keeping a partial, photographic record of the work. Last weekend we headed across to see how things were going, and I had an inspiration. I decided to shot the detail of the work, rather than ‘room by room’ updates.

I have been intrigued by the idea of traces – implications of the narrative rather than a clear visualisation – which is especially useful when dealing with things that have happened. Sophie Ristelhueber’s work is particularly interesting, in creating imagery after major political or natural catastrophies.

I felt that the ‘experiment’ worked. Some of the images became quite abstracted. The sequence of images created a good impression of how things stood, whilst also raising questions about who was doing what, where.

I definitely think I will be pursuing this creative notion in the Cambodia project.

Ristelhueber, Sophie & Mayer, Marc & Ladd, Jeffrey. 2009. Sophie Ristelhueber: Fait (Books on Books). New York: Errata.

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