Week Three Reflections

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The week was focused on two things – getting the Final Major Project proposal finished, and working on the book content and timetable.

Working through the proposal forced me to get specific about the goals and timelines, which was a  good thing.

On the book, I created a planning document, lining up the stories and other content with images.

The focus on my last WIP was images matched against only 2 or 3 of these stories, so I will need to balance things and almost certainly redo the quotes to suit. Also, I now have more stories, especially from Simeth, so I will go through a process of word editing and image matching.

For the BRLSI installation, I plan on using a simplified ‘master story’, rather than multiple narratives, so I will also be working with that in mind to seek consistency as far as possible.

I have also started the editing of the history section, and the schools program.

There is much to do, but, having gone through this with Victoria (the designer) over the weekend, I am feeling a bit more confident that we can get the file to the printers (Image Printing, Phnom Penh, Cambodia) in August, to meet the November printing schedule.

Header: Mok Rasy. 2018. Image Printing, Phnom Penh.

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