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The wedding went well. it was a lovely, relaxed affair at a  very pretty church – the oldest in Bath by all accounts. Simon and Meyrem wanted a simple, documentary approach, starting with getting ready before the ceremony.


Their six year old daughter was irrepressible, and quite the model.


Light inside the church was tricky, as I was not using flash. The Leica SL seemed to cope pretty well, although not everything was as sharp as I would like. The images were fairly easy to post process, and colour correct.

That said, and looking at many local wedding photographer‘s work, I just wonder how much sharpness is really a bourgeoise concept. I suspect that my rather perfectionist, formalist compositions are not the way to go if I was doing more weddings.


Still, using strobes outside did work well, nicely balancing the available, late afternoon light. Perhaps risky, but I opted to use  mix of Leica and Nikon, as the latter’s flash system is still superior to Leica’s. I had done some pre-testing, especially of the resultant colours, and the images seem to blend well.

Meyrem was keen that she had photos of the guests. And, of course, fun and games at the reception in the church grounds.

The Plank

It was a good natured affair, and it is always interesting to see how people ‘strike a pose’ when the camera is pointed their way.



Most importantly, the bride and groom liked the photographs, and seemed very happy with the ‘natural’ look, which we had discussed beforehand.

Thank you, Mick. Meyrem was particularly impressed with your sensitive and intuitive understanding of the sort of photos she wanted. We are both thrilled with the results which will trigger memories for years to come‘.

Simon has a large Instagram following, too.

I mentioned in the previous post that some photographers seem to use black and white to ‘cover issues’ (cheeky me).

The Boys

I didn’t do that, although I did create a small set of monochrome. In many ways, these are seem of my favourites.



Time to Chill …

Overall, I am glad I did this.  I have shot weddings before, though this time I think I captured more of a sense of the story. The equipment isn’t really the concern, although post processing is always a skill.

My critique? Competent work, happy client, though perhaps a rather generic style.

And probably not my future photographic career!

Selection of photographs here.

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