Week Two Reflections

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Four overall thoughts:

  1. It’s all totally fascinating
  2. I am reading and writing too much, and need to get out and shoot more
  3. Really enjoying the interaction with my student peers and the faculty. And in the latter case, nice to be on the ‘other side of the desk’.
  4. It is a challenge, but I think I can see a pathway to make the Cambodian project work

And a comment on doing a Masters.

I took a part-time (no such thing) MSc at the University of Oxford and HEC (Paris) in 2003/4, on ‘Consulting and Coaching for Change’. I can already see a big difference. Coming into the MSc I had decades of practical experience of leading major businesses, and developing people and teams. I had also been exposed to many world-class consultants in many disciplines. The MSc added to my kit-bag of approaches, provoking my thinking, and provided a theoretical construct for things I already ‘knew’. It was a brilliant experience.

Indeed, my Professorship is grounded in my business and teaching experience, as well as my BA in Mathematics and Philosophy.

This MA is different.

I have decades of experience of taking photographs, but little training or even experience in the professional practice of photography. Maybe that is why this is even more challenging than my MSc!

As I pursue the Cambodia idea, even if I end up doing something different as the Final Major project, seems to me that exploring ‘what makes us human’ as part of ‘looking through others eyes’ work together. Exploring the nuance, the detail – showing a slice of the story which is necessarily incomplete or unfinished. I just took this with the iPhone.

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