What I Love To Do … Part 2

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Music gigs. As I noted in the weekend reflections, I am doing some work right now, reporting on the Frome Festival.

The Coral are still quite a popular band, although possibly past their ‘hit years’ of the early 2000s. Still, it was a big crowd. The support act was a local band called Tax the Heat – and very popular they were, too.

Mick Yates. 2019. Jack Taylor – Tax the Heat.

As usual, a photographer gets to shoot only the first three songs, and then leaves the pit. I am sure Danny can do better than that, but, hey ho.

By shooting the support group, I had figured out a few interesting angles, including band branding.

As before, I decided to use only a 75mm prime. Of course, the lead singer needs to be in the set …

Mick Yates. 2019. James Skelly – The Coral.

But it seemed to me that other band members often get less coverage, and in some ways do some more interesting things. Keyboards, for example.

Mick Yates. 2019. Nick Power – The Coral.

I think that, if I have a style in such situations, it is getting tight on the subject and then using a shallow depth of field.

Perhaps my favourite of the shoot, though, was the drummer, Ian Skelly.

Mick Yates. 2019. Ian Skelly – The Coral.

Whilst this is away from the subject matter of the FMP, I don’t think it is far from the idea of storytelling in all photographic situations. I love the drummer’s pose and attitude here, and just wonder what his story is.

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