Where Are You At?

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This week’s webinar, with Cemre, is a conversation about ‘where are we at?” with our practice over the break.

Well, Ingrid and I moved home over the break period. We had the movers in a couple days after the end of the Positions and Practice module, and managed to get everything unwrapped (and largely in place) last week. Our ‘Just In Time’ model.

I must admit this stymied my photography a bit.

One of the threads in my Cambodia work is to try to capture traces of the past Genocide, without falling foul of ‘dark tourist’ cliché.

That is a challenge set by Jesse after assessing my Work in Progress portfolio. So I thought I would try that on the move, capturing hints and suggestions rather than document the event.

These images are a selection from that set.

I chose black and white to see if I could accentuate the geometry of the composition.

Not totally convinced. So here are the original colour images.

You can find the full set here.

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