Work in Progress – I missed my Mother

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I have completed the S&S WIP selection.

Posts have already been written which explain my rational on intimacy, landscape and negative traces.

Some of my fellow students have expressed (positive) surprise that this work is a departure from what they have come to expect from me so far in the course. Fortunately, the comments have been generally encouraging. Yas Crawford felt that ‘I had sorted the emotion I was struggling with’. I hope that is partly true.

I am certain that I can develop this traces-influenced theme further. But for now, as I said to Gary recently, it’s done, and it’s time to move on.

When I submitted WIP for Positions and Practice, I originally used a sequential, almost blog-like and therefore pedestrian approach, which was not terribly well received.

I did consider using Exposure, in the way I am doing for Landings. But I felt that a simpler, quieter approach was more in keeping with the work, allowing it to be looked at as a whole, by individual image, and as a slide show.

In the selection, I have used 17 images and a short video to show a book dummy which would combine the threads of my work in colour and in negative form.

S&S Work in Progress Aug 2018 – Download

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